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China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) is one of the five Gencos in China and a comprehensive energy group integrating industries of power, coal, aluminum, railway and port. Possessing assets in hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and new energies, it is one of the three companies in China that can develop, build and operate nuclear power plants. Founded on 29 December 2002 with a registered capital of RMB 12 billion, CPI carefully practices the Scientific Outlook on Development, firmly implements the Three-step Strategy and has successfully realized the goals for Step I. By the end of 2013, CPI achieved a total installed capacity of 89678MW, coal production capacity of 74.1 million tons, aluminum smelting capacity of 2.89 million tons, alumina refinery capacity of 2.6 million tons, bauxite production capacity of 1 million tons. Its total assets reached USD101.93 billion. In 2013, CPI produced 367.81TWh of electricity, 68.34 million tons of coal, 2.73 million tons of aluminum, 2.71 million tons of alumina and 2.13 million tons of bauxite. Its railway mileage reached 505 kilometers with an accumulative coal transportation of 40.15 million tons. And CPI’s total revenue mounted to USD31.4 billion, profits USD1841.87 million and EVA USD736.35 million, all hitting historic high.

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